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How to Lead in the Dietary Supplement Industry

Dietary Supplement

How to Lead in the Dietary Supplement Industry
The dietary supplement industry has boomed over the past 10 years. It is currently tagged as the fastest growing industry globally, with a jaw dropping $ 32 billion in revenue for nutritional supplements alone in 2012. According to Nutrition Business …
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#360fit: A Guide To Sports Nutrition & Supplements
Getting the right balance of proteins, vitamins & minerals, carbs and fats from your daily meals can be difficult. Bolstering your diet with additional sports nutrition and supplements is a great option. This guide to sports nutrition and supplements …
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2016 Food and Supplement Trends: Coffee Flour, Jackfruit, Mushrooms, and More
CPG firms have already found the “local food” trend driving demand for ancient grains that are locally sourced. Grains like millet, rye, and barley are seeing their stock rise beyond just cheap ingredients for animal feed, says SPINS. On the …
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Latest Weight Loss Clinic News

Teens going under the knife for weight loss surgery
“The average age of patients coming in for gastric band surgery with us has dropped substantially, from 39 years old two years ago to 28 years old over the past year,” said the weight loss surgery co-ordinator at the Dublin clinic, David Keogh.
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The Protein Revolution Has Already Been Won
The realization that everything would be okay regarding the obesity epidemic occurred to me in a doughnut shop. It was the last week of my employment as a weight loss doctor and for years, my clinic had been a junk food free zone. This was not because …
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The New Obesity Drugs: an Rx for Weight Loss?
Pagliuca is unusual in that she's lost 80 pounds. "We tell people to expect a 5 percent to 10 percent weight loss," says Louis Aronne, director of the Comprehensive Weight Control Center at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill-Cornell Medical Center.
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Latest Vitamin B12 News

Cobalt Threshold To Be Introduced
Examples of injectable vitamin supplements that contain cobalt and/or vitamin B12 include: V.A.M., Hemo-15, Hemoplex, Amino-lite 34X, Kynoselen, Tripart, Coforta, Folic Acid and Vitamin B-12, Dynajec and Cophos B. Various parasiticides, drenches and …

Vegetarian diets: Are they really healthy?
However, people following a vegan diet are at a bit higher risk for some nutrient deficiencies such as calcium, vitamin D, and Vitamin B12 due to the omission of all animal products. For example, vitamin B12 is only found in animal products. With …
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Latest Appetite Suppressants News

The Many Uses for Vinegar
Some people say that vinegar can be used as an appetite suppressant. Using it on prepared foods may help you to eat less. Vinegar is handy for relieving the pains associated with sunburns and jellyfish stings. Dot irritated areas with vinegar to …
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Frozen yogurt with a health kick: The hottest summer treat
Studies have shown that cacao acts as a natural appetite suppressant and can help reduce food cravings and aid weight loss. Full of antioxidants, it also helps prevent inflammation, making it a heart healthy ingredient. This recipe combines the health …
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Know Your Terps
Caryophyllene: Pungent, peppery and sweet. Found in pepper, clove and cotton. This is the terpene that police dogs are trained to detect, which is the sort of thing people in Oregon had to worry about not very long ago. Caryophyllene is also a …
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Top U.K. Diet and Fitness Expert Shares Weight-Loss Secrets

Top U.K. Diet and Fitness Expert Shares Weight-Loss Secrets
But what we can say is that this U.K.-based fitness, diet and lifestyle expert's techniques are in such demand that Londoners shell out the equivalent of $ 6,239 for her intensive 6-week program. (A less rigorous, 12-week program can be done remotely …
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Watch Stephen Colbert Begin Liquid Diet in New Webisode | Rolling Stone
Now, Colbert has a new plan. He requests that $ 10,000 be left in a JFK airport locker so he can purchase two first-class tickets to Iceland. Before the plan can happen, he just needs his friend to leave behind his chips. When not attempting to flee the …

The Walking Dead: What Would Walkers Put on Their Shopping Lists?

The Walking Dead: What Would Walkers Put on Their Shopping Lists?
Samantha had a great list: skin moisturizer, tooth whitener, Visine eye drops, stain remover for their clothes, body spray, breath spray and appetite suppressants. I think appetite suppressants is one of the most clever and practical answers that I …
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Tauriga Sciences Inc. Announces Strategic Plan to Divest Natural Wellness Business
These natural supplements include IndiCalm, natural calming formula without inducing cognitive impairment; ClearNaze, a natural decongestant without stimulant or drowsiness effects; Satietiva, an amino acid-based appetite suppressant; and Mend-Can, …
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