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Want to Rent a Manhattan Studio? You'll Need to Earn $107K

Want to Rent a Manhattan Studio? You'll Need to Earn 7K
"Tight credit disrupts the organic flow of renters to becoming first-time buyers [and with] rising prices at the entry level in the purchase market, affordability is challenged. So you create this logjam for smaller apartments that causes rents to rise …
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Last Chance to Buy Townhouses Under M in 'Hot' Brooklyn Areas, Many Say
BROOKLYN — After spending $ 610,000 on a two-bedroom 1,000-square-foot condo in Bedford-Stuyvesant about six months ago, a buyer decided she wanted a townhouse — something with more space, plus a rental unit for extra income. So now she's …
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Abide By These Two Steps To Lose Weight

You must set achievable goals if you are serious about losing weight permanently. Most of us will not plan goals at all and just hope to shed the extra weight quickly. The faster they shed the pounds, the better. There is no thought to the time it takes to lose it healthily.

Step One – Diet: Don’t be fooled by well advertised weight loss pills and crazy diets that promise unrealistic results. Chances are that you will lose a few pounds but keep in mind that this will not be all fat loss. Most of these types of diets will make you lose water and muscle, rather than fat. This type of weight loss is unhealthy and usually not permanent.

Focus on becoming healthy by having an ideal body weight in mind and losing weight through healthy diet and exercise. This way you can ignore the misleading diet information and more importantly, not have to starve. All you need to remember is to eat the right foods and add enough exercise to ensure you lose those unwanted pounds. Cut out the sugar and learn how to stop craving sugar.

To truly get into the mindset, you will need to lose the word ‘dieting’. To begin, drink water in place of any fizzy drinks to quench your thirst, without getting fatter. Stay away from the low-calorie labelled fizzy drinks because they are still bad for you. These types of soft drinks lack fructose and in turn makes you crave sugar, not to mention they taste bad.

Another tip is on how to become skinny is to replace white flour with wholegrain wheat flour. Using wholegrain wheat instead is much better for you having little fat and loads of fibre and protein.

Step Two – Exercise: It is a little known fact that weight training can aid in quick weight loss. This type of exercising is for both men and women, and will not take the femininity away from women. To make this easier to understand, you have to have the presence of the hormone testosterone to build up large muscles, which females have very little of.

Exercises by themselves will not allow a bodybuilder to build muscle. They require the assistance of protein shakes and supplements to achieve large muscles.

There are other benefits associated with exercising too. Exercising regularly will enable you to have much more energy at the end of the day. You will also be able to sleep better. You can help your immune system and overall stamina. And lastly, exercise can improve your skins health, tone and appearance.

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